Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

What is Andropause or Male Menopause?

New Jersey Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctor, Natasha Fuksina, M.D. helps men in the Newark area overcome andropause and return their energy and vigor. Unlike woman’s menopause, which occurs very rapidly, man’s andropause can start around age 30 and progress at a much more gradual rate. Once the gradual decline in hormone levels begins, it can mark the start, of a larger cascade of degenerative disease too often associated with the aging process. One of the major hormones that play a crucial role in male hormonal health is testosterone. Testosterone is much more than a substance that makes athletes hit balls further and lift more weight. Testosterone is a physiological and biological necessity, and plays a key role in preserving the health and functionality of a man’s vital organs.

In physiological doses, the supervised replacement of hormones will allow the organs to function as they did early in a person’s lifespan, delaying degenerative disease and slowing the aging process. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can reduce health risk factors such as weight gain, high cholesterol and high glucose levels, so you will be able to better prevent and manage diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy helps achieve heart health by improving the function of the coronary arteries as well as the small blood vessels. By increasing the lumen of the arteries and decreasing the viscosity of the blood, using Bioidentical Hormones can lower blood pressure and prevent blood dots. This is done by balancing testosterone and estrogen with natural male hormone replacement, something that synthetic hormones just can’t accomplish.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for men can also help prevent and manage diabetes. Not only does it help you manage weight gain that can lead to diabetes, but our hormones also regulate the levels of glucose and insulin in the blood. This can also promote the healing of wound associated with being diabetic.

The benefits do not stop there. As a man ages, he will see a decrease in the aspects usually associated with masculinity. Unbalanced hormones lead not only to muscle loss, but to low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. BHRT will help restore lean muscle, increase energy levels and reduce fat. Men will also restore libido and increase sexual function.

Many years of research and practice have shown that by using Male Hormone Replacement Therapy, men will be able to maintain a youthful state of health and liveliness; that they do have control over the aging process, and the solution is accessible and available. It is just a phone call and an appointment away. The time or action is now. Just imagine being able to age with the health and vigor you’ve dreamed of.

Learn how hormone therapy can help alleviate andropause symptoms by calling New Jersey Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctor, Natasha Fuksina, M.D. today.